Essentials I carry on my Moto Trips

Motorcycle may not carry all that you want, but it can carry all that you need.

When I head out on a Motorcycle trip I make sure I travel really light to give less stress to myself and my motorcycle. Pulling the saddlebag to unload from your motorcycle and loading it back can be a task. Always make sure you carry the essentials first and then choose the luxury. Do not be choosy on the essentials as you never know when you require one handy and then realize you haven’t carried it along. I have jotted down a list of essentials I carry on my motorcycle trip. This list doesn’t contain the personal essentials like clothes and cosmetics and so it doesn’t mention how many underwears and napkins but things which make my motorcycle trips more comfortable and hassle free.



You may find a mechanic but you may not find a spare as simple as a sparkplug. So carry basic spares. I am not asking you to carry the entire block piston or an engine head but basic spares should be handy in case of small breakdowns. I mandatorily carry

  1. Cables (accelerator, Clutch and brake)
  2. Spark Plugs (A set)
  3. Headlight Bulb
  4. Chain lock (a piece or two)
  5. Fuses (6-7)
  6. Wheel bearings (A pair each for front and rear if you are riding very long distances)
  7. Engine oil for level top-up
  8. Chain Lube (very important if you are going on a trip of more than 500 kms)
  9. A few nut bolts.
  10. A pair of 1.5 meter long wires to jump start the vehicle in case the battery drains out.
  11. Extra Tyre tube (If it is a long ride of a few 1000 kms)
  12. A piece of cloth to be used as a rag.



Tools like wrenches, screw drivers and pliers come handy in situations even if you haven’t faced a breakdown. They help in fixing niggling issues. The tool kit provided with your bike along with added wrenches of different size should be enough for a motorcycle journey. If you want to make it lighter, carry an adjustable wrench. There are a lot of dealers online providing toolkits for specific motorcycles where you can simply order one. Tools are an investment and something which can last your lifetime. So get a quality one. No use of having a cheap screwdriver whose handle come off in the first twist. Make sure you also carry a pocket knife. A knife is seldom a weapon but often a tool.

I have found NH4 Motorheads toolkit with bag to be a decent toolkit set for every royal enfield.

Bungee Cords


A set of extra Bungee cords always comes handy to tie some extra luggage you may pick during your journey or in case if the one on your luggage snaps out. Make sure you buy quality ones.

Tent & Camping Lantern


I love to Camp. No motorcycle ride for me is complete without a tent. I have the Arpenaz T2XL tent which is sufficient to accommodate 2 people along with luggage.

Sleeping Bag


A sleeping bag is essential to sleep inside the tent or sleep anywhere. Buy a good sleeping bag which can protect you from cold weather. If you are riding in a hot weather you may probably not need a sleeping bag but I would suggest carry a bedsheet along with you.

Camera Gears


This includes my camera, lenses, memory cards, Lens cleaning kit, Tripod, Selfie Stick, Action/Adventure camera and a couple of filters if required. All fit in one bag.

First Aid Kit


A standard first aid kit available otc at any pharmacy.

Tarpaulin Rain Cover


Although these days saddle bags come up with a rain cover but I would still advise to tuck in a tarpaulin cover under your bungee cords. Nature and weather is unpredictable.

Driving Documents


Obvious and unavoidable. Any 2 ID Proof one of which contains my address too. I normally carry my voter id or passport along with my driving license, insurance, pollution certificate and original registration certificate of my motorcycle. I also slip in a few passport size photographs of mine.

14 thoughts on “Essentials I carry on my Moto Trips

  1. Add tail light bulb, torch, at least clutch lever and yoke (if not both sides) bcos if u have an unfortunate fall the lever/yoke most likely breaks. Insulation tape, a can of wd40, knowledge of basic self troubleshooting :):)

    1. A clutch lever, Yes. But I dont take it along as i have knuckle guards of KTM on both my handles. Tail light bulb can be sourced and is mostly required for night riding so I don’t carry that as I only ride during the day.

  2. Very much inspired from the line “no motorcycle ride is complete without a tent”. Thank you for the information provided.

  3. Highly Informative.Thanks for your time taken for this writeup.Plan to tour Bhutan with a friend on my Thunderbird in September.

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