People can make you believe you dont need God. 

Trips are all for good times, adventures & memories but sometimes a little lapse throws it all away. Some incidents I won’t put in the physical danger category but the mental anguish they cause is more than enough. One of the most frustrating incident to happen to me was to lose my wallet which had my cards & cash, leaving me completely lost with no source of withdrawing money but then destiny wrote its own story.
While reaching Kargil from Leh, I stopped at a roadside shop around 7.30 in the evening to have a cup of chai and snacks. When the time came to pay for the food, to my horror, I realised I lost my wallet which was in my back pocket. The wallet sneaked out and fell off somewhere. I was tensed and it left me with no idea of what to do next, as I was only left with 20 bucks somewhere in my waist pouch. I borrowed the shopkeeper’s phone and started making calls to my friends for finding out the next HDFC branch which was in Kargil 50 kms away from where I was.

That’s when a car stopped beside my bike and this gentleman, walked out. Seeing me with a worried face he enquired about the situation. After I narrated the incident, he told me to calm down and also asked if I am hungry and need any food which wasn’t my need. He then told me not to worry and that he will help me with the money I require and I can transfer it over to him whenever I am able to. As it was dark, he drove ahead of me till Kargil & guided me to a guesthouse which he usually visits. I stayed in one room and he took another one.

After waking up in the morning, he told me that he will handover 15k to me for my journey and that I can repay him via online transfer. But, that very moment I remembered my business debit card which I was carrying. In my distraught condition, I didn’t remember it the previous night. I started digging into the bag to search for it and to my respite, I found it in some corner of the bag. Now I could withdraw money from an ATM. Luckily, my passport, driving license, RC card and other vehicle papers were in my bag.

His name is Mr. Sunil Bhatt… a person who came to make a difference to me when I needed the most. Just the assurance of having a helping hand managed to relieve me. While having a chat with him in the morning, he told me about a similar situation he had faced years back and that he understands how it feels. He stated that money is not at all important, it’s a system’s requirement that has made money important in today’s life. He said on seeing me, he was sure that I will return him the money, which was anyways not his priority but if humans don’t help humans, then soon it shall be the end of mankind. I thanked him wholeheartedly and was invited to his home in Jammu. I made him a promise to visit him soon in future and we have remained in touch ever since. I have no further words to describe such people as words may fall short to speak about this large hearted man.

With every negative incident that happened to me on this journey, I was been gifted a positive kickback to nullify my worries and given a glimpse into the thing called miracles. Strange, isn’t it??

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