Day 2 – Jalebi fafda to Daal Bati

I bid farewell to the 3 samartians wondering what makes people so generous, so open and so hospitable to a stranger; that they forego their own desire of routine life just make an unknown person comfortable, safe and happy. While my mind was still occupied with the last night’s story, somewhere in my faint memory I recollected something more prominent incident that happened last night. It was midnight around 1 and it started getting cold, the gentleman named Ajay brought a blanket from somewhere and covered me with it while I was asleep. I could only remember the comfort & warmth creeping over my body. Post this recollection, I couldn’t stand to believe that something like this can happen, that humanity still existed even in this cynical world. Overcome with emotions I burst into tears despite myself. No one saw me and no one asked me why I was crying, but somewhere I knew, both feet on the footpegs and both hands on the handlebar while I moved at 80kmph is the best time to convey my emotions to me.

When you realize that your laughter or your pain doesnt make any difference to anyone. It is your personal affair. That’s when you begin to understand what you really are and the revelations become meaningful.

As the saying goes “To err is human” and it was proved right. I missed the road from Palanpur to Deesa and took the route to Abu. Mount Abu was not in the iterinary, but I was confused and continued on the Abu Road believing I was heading towards Barmer. When I already detoured by 51kms I realized I was on the wrong route and came in parallel on a different route than heading to Barmer. Riding since the start of my journey on a 4 lane highway got me bored and lousy so I guess I was happy with the turn of events. I had detoured almost 150 odd kms from the route I had decided, going through villages and small towns of Rajasthan. Getting lost was fun as I witness the colours of Rajasthan displayed in the ghagra choli and the turbanised men. People of rural Rajasthan were amicable, they wore a smiling  smiling face asking me “Bhayo, Musafir Ho?” or “Bhayo, kaha jaarahe ho”.

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I crossed small villages and remote interiors of Rajasthan. I chucked the mobile application for maps and took to routes suggested by the locals irrespective of the road condition. I had to reach Barmer and head to Jaisalmer there onwards. I rode liesurely across the remote interiors, I crossed around 100-150 kms towards Barmer through the virgin lands of Rajasthan where the people gave me strange, funny & surprised looks  considering the fact that I was all loaded on  a bike dressed like an alien, I didn’t blame them.

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Soon I reached the main highway to Barmer i.e. the NH 15 and started riding North which leads to Jaisalmer. Cruising on the single laned beautiful highway, I reached Jaisalmer around 8 in the evening. Jaisalmer: the name itself sounded exotic to my lips. The Golden City is what the city board read and true to expectation, Jaisalmer was a great attraction for tourists comprising both Indians and foreigners. However, the only thing I was looking out for as of now was a cheap hotel to stay the night and start my journey back in the morning. I found a decent hotel for surprising 500 bucks and I checked in keeping all my luggage in the room. Later, I head out straight towards the Jaisalmer Fort knowing there was a treasure there and yes, treasure it was… I found the famous Govt. authorised bhang shop run by Mr. Chandar Prakash Vyas. I went to his shop, introduced myself giving reference of a dear mutual friend. I was offered a glass of good strong deliciously sweet bhaang lassi by Mr. Vyas which I happily devoured not caring what is in store for me later. Mr. Vyas took me around the fort and lead me to a famous Italian restaurant I had a sumptious  dinner. I had to be contented with the Italian dish as everything closes down in Jaisalmer by 10 pm and there were no Rajasthani restaurants.

Close to the end of my dinner, I felt my senses calming…Holy crap, the Bhaang kicked in!!! I could feel it inside, the ecstasy when everything felt different. I looked at Mr. Vyas and said smiling, “I am hit” and he gave a good laugh. I rushed to my room as every moment brought a sort of restlessness to lie  down somewhere. I hurried up the stairs of the hotel, struggled with the lock and went in only to fall on the bed. Life was always good, but now it felt even better, a stomach full of food, day full of ride and brain full of bhaang. I dozed and yes, that sleep was a perfect uninterrupted, undisturbed sleep of 8 long hours.

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19 thoughts on “Day 2 – Jalebi fafda to Daal Bati

  1. I love to read your blog.
    Even your blog awaken My inner rider soul sir.

    I’m also a solo rider but since long time no long ride I did. But now I’m planning and your blog help me very well

    Thank you

  2. Amazing write up! Feels like reading a book which you can’t put down bcoz it is too interesting and can’t read on bcoz you’re scared it will end soon.

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