Pune to Darjeeling

Day 1 – So here I am, with one more unplanned solo backpacking trip. This time I explored Sikkim.

I boarded the flight at 7.30 am from mumbai on 21st and reached Guwahati (Bagdogra tickets were too high) around 11.00 am. After landing I took the bus from the airport to railway station to board my train to siliguri.. I lost my anticipation that I am in the east from the west part of this country and that it would get dark way early than what happens home and so around 4.30 I changed my mind and got down at Alipur duar to get on the bus to Jaigaon which falls on the Indo-Bhutan border.

Accommodation in Jaigaon was full and I couldn’t find a room anywhere. I spotted a Jain Dharmshala hoping to find a room there but there too there was no availability. After a few talks, the caretaker of the Dharmshala offered to put the bed in the passage outside the kitchen to take the night.

I left from Jaigaon in the morning having a hearty breakfast of Puri sabzi and got the bus to Hashimara from where I headed further towards Siliguri in a Bus. Reaching Siliguri in the afternoon, I took a jeep to Darjeeling that costed me 130 bucks. I happened to find a homestay in Darjeeling for 200 bucks. This homestay is not a professional homestay place but offered to me by a girl with whom I got friendly after I reached Darjeeling..

Total expenses after reaching Guwahati yesterday till now is Rs. 1260 which includes my transportation, food and stay.

Day 2

In Darjeeling, although having the option of taking a hotel for Rs. 500, I got an accommodation where I was charged 200 for a bed space in their own house. I took the night and today morning I stepped out of the house at around 7.30 am. I was told I should leave early from Darjeeling to reach Yuksom today as there is just one vehicle that goes towards Jorethang and I didn’t want to spend my day today at Darjeeling because this is a Sikkim trip and Darjeeling will be visited once again next time.




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