Darjeeling to Yuksom

Day 2

In Darjeeling, although having the option of taking a hotel for Rs. 500, I got an accommodation where I was charged 200 for a bed space in their own house. I took the night and today morning I stepped out of the house at around 7.30 am. I was told I should leave early from Darjeeling to reach Yuksom today as there is just one vehicle that goes towards Jorethang and I didn’t want to spend my day today at Darjeeling because this is a Sikkim trip and Darjeeling will be visited once again next time.


I hurried and got a sharing jeep which charged me Rs. 120 from Darjeeling to Jorethang, a small town falling in Bengal Sikkim border. Reaching Jorethang at 9.30-10.00 am I had 3-4 hours with me to go around Jorethang. I took the time to visit few places like a Monastery and a bridge over the river Rangeet till I board my next Jeep for Yuksom scheduled at 1.30 pm which was going to cost me Rs. 150.

The entire journey from Darjeeling to Jorethang to Yuksom was filled with breathtaking views with sights of Kanchanjunga peak at one point of time and valleys. Jorethang to Yuksom was immensely beautiful and I have started feeling the happiness I am going to experience over the next 10 days seeing more places, perhaps more beautiful.

I met a lady in the Jeep, while travelling from Jorethang to Yuksom who was very cool. She literally sang and danced inside the jeep over the music and I am still along with her. Her name is Dil Maya Subba. She arranged my stay for Rs 200 here in Yuksom and I am enjoying her company talking to her about each other and having a good time assisting her in her work cooking rice and dal and cut few vegetables. She runs an NGO and a School in Yuksom and is a social worker here. I am happy to find such good people during my travels which in itself  becomes the sole reason why I travel – To meet good people and imbibe the goodness in myself.

I was going to stay in Yuksom for the next 2 days and will be exploring the region.

Total cost from yesterday night till now is Rs. 940 which includes my stay, food and transportation cost.

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  1. Hi , I’m Travelling to Darjeeling & sikkim coming November. Any chance can have your mobile number for Comm ?

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