Chitkul to Kalpa

14.06.16 Day 5

Honestly, Chitkul is not a place one can and should leave in one day. But what they say, backpacking is like flirting with life, Its like saying I would stay and love you but I have to go. Its my station.
And my next station was Kalpa. To reach to Kalpa there is only one private bus runs from Chitkul to Reckon Peo early in morning at 6 am. and takes Rs. 120. From Reckon Peo, there are frequent maxis (small private buses) run to Kalpa and take Rs. 15.

I was at Chitkul bus stop on the time. No need to tell, it was freezing cold temperature out there. It was four and half hour journey to Reckon Peo. I got a maxi in half hour from Peo bus stop to Kalpa.

I was missing Chitkul and started comparing it with Kalpa. And I found myself not liking Kalpa as much as liked Chitkul. Maybe I was still in love with Chitkul.

I inquired in few guest houses for accommodation. It was little expensive than my earlier stays. Finally settled down at Chini Bungalow Guest House. The room was really good with attached toilet bathroom and hot water and worth for paying Rs. 400, 100 rupees more than my budget.

My guest house owner told me that Himachal Pradesh State Transport employees are on strike and I have to stay in Kalpa for at least two more days because no private buses run from Kalpa to Nako. So I was in Kalpa, desperately wanted to leave it next day and head to Nako, which was my next station. But was helpless and had to stay here in Kalpa for two more days. This was first time in this trip, something happened which was not expected. I wont say, something happened against my plan. Because I really had no plans.
I was sitting on the steps of the school from where you can get the best view of Kinnaur Kailash Peaks. I was enjoying the view and updating my whereabouts to Mom over phone.

There I saw one Indian couple trying to take a selfie. I asked them if they want any help in clicking their picture, after seeing their expressions of not getting a perfect picture.

This young couple happened to be from Pune. Ashok and Vidya. Ashok was an IITn and working for engineering firm where Vidya was a Data Scientist. What was the first thing I realized about this couple was, they were travelers not tourist. And the second thing was, never judge a person on their occupation. I was impressed to see this Indian, engineer couple on their road trip.
Ashok offered me to travel with them upto Nako next day morning as they had hired a sumo for their road trip to Spiti Valley. When things don’t happen as you wished that means something better is on the way to you. It was unexpected. I was happy. I was going to Nako next day morning.

I explored the village after Ashok and Vidya’s meeting. In evening we met again at Jyoti Restaurant, where I met few more fellow travelers, one group of Israeli travelers, and had amazing time talking with them.

Nadav, the more friendlier than others in the group, whom I kept bumping into every next station of my journey told me why we see Israeli travelers everywhere in India or in east Asia for that matter.

For them Military service is compulsory after their schooling for couple of years. And they get nice amount when they leave it. So before getting into into job or higher education they prefer traveling. And it has become a trend in Israel now a days. Interesting isnt it?

Though she could not speak Hindi and I could not understand her language, we talked. When I say keep smiling and keep spreading happiness, I mean it. I live by this sentence. This is now my goal in life. Though it is a very small and unnoticeable thing. But it makes me happy to make people smile. And it does not need any extra efforts.

I visited this place four times in 18 hours I spent in Kalpa. And it had a reason…

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