Royal Enfield ToR – Day 9


Having left late from Jaipur, I stopped at Rajsamand to look around for camping options. Being demonetized and not intending to spend cash I was lucky to go deep inside Rajsamand district of Rajasthan to a village named Thoriya. I found a barren field and after confirming with a young village boy, pitched my tent for the night.


After I had pitched my tent, the young lad also brought me his home made makke ki roti, cauliflower and salted rabri. Happiness is everywhere. I was so dead tired that I didn’t care to click the night shots of the tent.. The fields that had crops were guarded by men all the night so calls of shooing away the Neelgais kept echoing all night. Alls well that ends well. Morning I woke up at 7 to head out towards my next unknown destination.



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