Royal Enfield ToR – Day 7 & 8

The end of the ride was finally near. The 7th day we would ride to Pushkar and the next day we would be back to where the ride started – The Ibis hotel.


We started in the cold morning from Mount Abu. A quick regroup of members was done, least we missed anyone while swaying down the curves of the hill. Today we had the longest ride of the entire trip – 375+ kms for Pushkar. We took the 4 lane National highway from Abu Road, Sirohi, Pali, Beawar to Ajmer, so no funny road rush there. After crossing Pali we kept hunting for a decent place to regroup and zeroed on a small dhaba just before Sojat. After a full lunch at Lala we left in full throttle towards Ajmer.


In my excitement, I over shot one marking by 25kms till Kishangarh and had to come back to rejoin the waiting pack. We rode to Pushkar from Ajmer crossing over the Pushkar Ghati, where we finally ended the day at Pushkar Baug Resort. This resort left me dumbfounded. Honestly, I’m not someone whose regular welcome includes being sprinkled with rose petals.


The night ended with a light chitchats over a few drinks after which I crashed quite early. Nothing like a good 10 hours sleep to prepare the journey from Pushkar towards Jaipur.


On the final day, we left from pushkar Baug at 9.30 am. It was a confusing ride  out of Pushkar on the way to Kishangarh on NH 8 highway but eventually we made it. On the NH 8 towards Kishangarh we had to take the deviation towards Makrana, the town famous for marbles. The entire stretch till Makrana was filled with Marble Shops on either side. Crossing Makrana we had a quick tea stop  and our next destination was  Sambhar. Sambhar is famous for the salt water lake named Shakambari Lake. This place was the highlight of the entire trip for me. I had heard that Kutchh is the place with salt lands but Sambhar was much similar. The road that lead to Sambhar was a narrow patch with Salt pans on either side. If you keep on the, you will even find a path that leads all the way down to the lake bed.  We surely went crazy seeing the sight of unending stretches of trails and trying to keep our eyes on the horizon. I tried some mischief by speeding at 100kmph and then hitting the rear brake suddenly to make the bike drift dusting all the way. The view in the rear mirror was completely blocked due to the salt dust that blew up at every spin of the wheel.  This visit was a cherry on the cake of this entire tour.


After Sambhar lake, we rode 50 km towards the highway and headed northwards to Jaipur. The ride ended with it’s own triumph with the RE dealer in Jaipur greeting the riders with a tika, garland and a marwari turban. It was an emotional moment for all of us after being together for all these days, hands were shaken, hugs were exchanged and I could see the overwhelming emotions in every one when they realized it won’t be the same day tomorrow. But then, for a biker this lasts only till the next ride to come.

Cheers folks.


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