Royal Enfield ToR – Day 6

Today’s destination was Mount Abu, a hill station in Sirohi District of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is popular as a  holiday destination – previously for the Royals of Rajasthan and now for even the aam junta.


Today again the ride was on tarmac and clean roads. We headed towards Sanchore on the NH 15 highway which is maintained by Border Roads Organization (BRO). There were a few diversions on the road till Sanchore owing to the road widening work, undertaken by the army but apart from that we covered a fair distance of 140 kms in the next 3 hours taking a stop at a fuel station followed with a tea break.


Reaching Sanchore, we headed east towards Raniwara then Mandar and Revdar. This stretch was entirely a single lane highway with spare vehicular traffic enroute. A couple of buses did manage to scare us but we managed to arrive in a single piece for regrouping and ascend to Mt Abu.


The road to Mt. Abu was a clear tarmac uphill with brilliant curves and proper banking. The Himalayan was swaying well on the ghats taking every corner and curve with grace and style. Going further inside the town we reached the hotel Kesar Bhavan Palace – a place with immense elegance. Now I must confess, staying in such hotels is very new and unusual for me. I am the guy who usually takes accommodation on a khatiya in dhabas or I pitch my own tent, so the grandness of such places impresses me mighty.


The famous Sunset Point of Mount Abu was touted as a must visit place by Mr Rajesh Bishnoi, our guide. Now, I generally dislike such tourist points owing to the crowd and I wasn’t disappointed – there indeed were 1000s of tourists with their 100s of cars. But then again, the sunset made up for any doubts I had. It was beautiful way beyond expectations. I saw the sun setting on the horizon gradually, colouring the entire sky in a molten gold mingled with flaming red.



The rest of the evening was pure bliss with sumptuous food & a deserving toast for the day’s ride. Peace…

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