Royal Enfield ToR – Day 5


The day as usual started with our breakfast and quick briefing about today’s itinerary. The beginning of the day was a treat to our eyes with a golden orange sun rising above the curvy sand dunes throwing shadows of camels doing a slow walk. Today was supposed to be be an all tarmac route, much to the happiness of everyone, considering the exhausting trail riding we did all this while..

From Sam village, we took the route towards Khuri – a not so visited tourist village. The road to Khuri was through the Desert National Park. Imagine vast lands of golden sand, freckled with grass & flocks of deer. Group photo toh banta hai yaar.


Post Khuri, the road went through Chelak and further to Jhinjhaliya, Mungeriya, Bishala & Barmer. We sped through the narrow hairline roads, carefully avoiding cattle on roads. The route was filled with a lot of sudden dips where vehicles require to slow down. Most of the time, we followed the advice but just at places we let go, pull the throttle and emerge out of the dip with a jump having both our wheels on the air. I am sure the Himalayan is a bike that can even fly and land.

At every diversion we waited for the next rider, this helped to mark the spot to take left or right. We were surrounded by curious school kids, returning from school after attending their sanskrit exam. It was fun asking them about their paper questions. Wasn’t that fun when they questioned us back on their science exam. Nothing makes a trip more memorable than such beautiful moments.


The route we rode is considered to be the epicenter of Marwad region. The men flaunted their colourful turban, long moustaches and the women shied away in their vibrant ghaghra choli. Rajasthan got so deep in my skin, that I have already started speaking hindi with a hint of marwadi.


We reached Barmer pretty early around 2. Literally hunting for food, we finally settled at New KK restaurant. I’m sure the restaurant will remember few hunger stricken men on bikes, who hogged on the Chicken and Pudina paratha like it’s the last meal. As for us, we headed towards the Sanchal Fort Resort where our stay for the night was booked. If you found the name fancy, wait till you see the place. It’s palatial. I blessed people’s love of luxury as I jumped into their cosy beds for the night, not before hogging some more, benefitting their hospitality.

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