Royal Enfield ToR – Day 4

This morning was a chilly and foggy than other mornings I spent in Rajasthan on this tour. The day began quickly with  breakfast and quick briefing. Our destination for the day was Sam, a tourist village out of Jaisalmer near the border.


We wroomed towards the Phalodi Jaisalmer highway after having a quick visit to the Khichhan Bird Sancturary. Unfortunately the birds were to arrive at 10.30 a.m. and we were much before time and were told that the birds are now in the field house where they are fed. Me and Rajat left the throttle open for another one hour ripping through the straight highway covering 100 odd kms in an hour. Today . I tested the entire potential of Himalayan w.r.t. speed. Even at the speed of 130, the Himalayan didn’t give me an inch of doubt.


We stopped for lunch when Jaisalmer was just 70 odd kms and that’s where the surprise of this ride came in. Mr. Rajesh Bishnoi – our guide for this tour announced that his cousin is posted in Jaisalmer cantonment and has invited us all for lunch in the Officer’s Mess of the Army. 16 kms before Jaisalmer, Major Vijay Chowdhary was waiting for us with his Audi A4.Cheer much…


The Officer’s mess served us amazing Biryani and delicious icecream. Then came another surprise. Major Vijay is incharge of 50 battle tanks and this particular cantonment is used for parking Tanks. He was kind enough to lead us to a Tank named Arjun. Just touching and feeling the grand machine made my heart  swell with pride. Understandably, no photographs were allowed but Major saab used his camera to click a photograph with the whole group.


Bidding him goodbye we left towards Jaisalmer to Sam. The ride to Sam from Jaisalmer was dope. Clear clean and polished tarmac with dramatic views of the of sand and mud. Our stay was booked at Oasis India desert camp in Sam. A luxurious stay arrangements bang on the main road facing the sand dunes on the other side of the road. After we checked in, I tagged along with Ishaan our photographer and Rajat for a much wanted photography session.

The evening started getting comfy when the weather became cooler. What added to the liesure was raising a few glasses and cheering up for the comfort ride today..

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