Meghalaya Part 1


Traveling to North East India was always my dream. So I picked Meghalaya for my first solo trip. It was unplanned, spontaneous, budget trip with lots of surprises. I flew from Pune to Guwahati. And real journey started when I took Yellow Sumo to Shillong. 175 rps only. Which is most popular and cheapest way of traveling. Shillong was a little disappointing with a traffic. So I didn’t stay there and continued my journey to Mawlynnong-Asia’s Cleanest Village. It took me half an hour to search the sumo station. And I realized that no one amlost no one could understand hindi and english. Finaly I called up Henry, the guide from Mawlynnong whome I was in regular contact. He called up his friend who happened to be a sumo driver. I took me to the sumo station, which was crowdy with local people from Shillong, People from near villages who had come for bazaar, many travellers. The place was really not beautiful, but I was more busy in trying to understand the language, eating some local food, clicking pictures of paan sellers mostly they were women, and my favorite category of people who just sit on the corners smoking some local hukkas, carefree, enjoying, not worrying about tomorrows  and smile back to everyone which reminds me Dev Anand’s popular song, fikr ko dhuwe me udata chala gaya….. I tried to talk to everyone I came across. (lost my memory card and all pictures taken on the way with it)

After spending two and half hours at the sumo station, our sumo left for Mawlynnong. The journey was beautiful itself. I couldn’t keep my eyes off from the green khasi hills and valleys and the turns on the roads and the small hamlets hidden in the trees.

I met Henry the guide when I reached Mawlynnong. He organised a homstay for me.   Next day I took a round of the village. For me Mawlynnong is, beautiful colourful gardens and perfectly finished bamboo fences around bamboo houses which are built 2-3 feet above the ground,  small and clean streets, well mannered and confident kids, all time helpful khasi people. And I decided to stay there for all eight days and cover places nearby.

Next day morning I went to the church, I had seen the photo of it on one of the websites. I had spent almost whole morning in the sitting around and clicking as many pictures as I could. The site was beautiful. Then I went to tree house which had a view of whole village and was built by Henry.

“Living root bridge” best example of using available natural resources. I also admire the generation who had a vision of making their next generation’s life easy. Because It must have taken many decades to grow roots to form a bridge. Salute. This bridge connects Riwai and Nowhet villages.

” Nowhet view point ” was a quiet place with a nice view. I could imagine the view in rainy season when the river down in the valley and the falls on the hills across are running. I could sit there for days reading my favourite novels. I took a walk to these places. I went to this place for four times. And I had to pay the entry fees only once. The guy I used to call him “Hairstyle” said Madam, no fees for you when I went there for second time.





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